Unyoked Partnership

Landplay, Unyoked Partnership, Credit to @the.wandering.boys

Landplay are proud to announce our partnership with Unyoked to start the nature movement in New Zealand.

Unyoked is a nature company on a mission to provide regular access to the benefits of nature with legit off-grid, beautifully designed cabins located in stunning natural environments - away, but not too far away, from the hamster wheels that have become our lives.

The ethos of Unyoked really resonates with Landplay and we are stoked to be part of Unyoked’s New Zealand journey.

We’re looking for like-minded landowners looking to share their special spots with the Unyoked community. Enjoy an additional income stream from a cabin (or two…or more) from your currently underutilised land without the associated significant capital outlay or the hassle of guest admin and self-marketing. 

Unyoked has an excellent support system for its hosts and provides a seamless experience for guests to ensure visits are well managed and safe. With an average booking rate of 92% in Australia since it began and impressive experience ratings, Unyoked anticipates a similarly strong uptake from Kiwis needing to disconnect for a bit and tune back into nature.

Talk to us now if you would like to explore this further or feel free to share this with any like-minded souls you know with a special piece of New Zealand to share.

Contact Rose on 021 112 8608 or at [email protected] for more information

Photo credits:  Top photo @steve_jl_photography. Left photo @the.wandering.boys.